the weather is finally changing into that sticky mugginess that I was running away from in the south. It's just getting to me, which is good. But I realized that driving into work this morning that I had my AC on at 7:30 in the morning. Something is unrulingly wrong with that!

Tonight i went to dinner at kaijsa's. She's a nut! I had no idea that we were so much alike. It's nice having another chick at work that has interests like me! :)

In other news...

I'm frustrated right now. I don't know why...okay I do.

I'm getting to that point where I want to have someone in my life again. It's been a very hectic year. I had no clue what was instored for me when I moved, but this wasn't it. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy...for the first time in a long time, but something, or someone rather is missing. I'm not really searching, but there is definitely that need.

Enough of the self-pity.

This time next weekend, I hope to be boarding a plane to go up to Cleveland to hang out with el-em and her friends at the John Mayer show. I don't know what Dave's plans are, but it would be really cool to hang out with him to. I'm now hooked on JM! I cannot believe it. I own 2 cds and they are on constant rotation. Yes I know. I'm sad, but I do that to cds. I was once told that you couldn't wear them out...I decided then and there to go ahead and prove the world wrong. And I have, a few times over.

Here's my quote for the day:

Preface: I was talking to my brother on my phone in the upstairs bathroom of Alley Katz in Richmond, VA and he was telling how things were up in the air right now with life. My response to him was as follows:

It's human nature to jump to conclusions
But is our own fault when we fall on our faces.

good nite...for now...


I am finally back to normal from this past weekend...sort of

Right now, I am irritated by money and people.

A lot of things have come into much plainer view over the past few weeks for me.

Here are a couple of my findings:

1. People will switch for whatever the occasion calls for. I know that even I do this, but the people in this world that I thought would never flip and go to the dark side are now teetering on that thin gray line.

2. Idiots - all of them - should be shot. I'm referring to the DMB show this past Saturday at RFK. After getting trampled and knocked over and sat on and pushed and shoved and removed from my seat, I'm in the mood to go out and buy some large stock pile of ammunition and just pelt the idiots of this world. I'm thinking that water balloons and lemon rines will be my ammunition of choice. Ahh...but not just "water" as in H2O, I mean ANY liquid. Let your imagination go from there! I cannot believe that night!

I'll finish this later...my class just arrived and they are already bitching this early in the morning...damn mac people!!