i'm such a good cook! i just made a grilled cheese sandwich...but can only eat one side. the other side is burned to a blackened crisp. My kitchen is still smokey...

a good friend of mine jody just called me. It's always good to hear certain voices from your past. It's been a long time since I've seen him. Me thinks I'm going to have to plan to head back down to Charlotte for the weekend. Besides, I still have stuff I need to move up here!!

I've spent all morning and most of the afternoon working on my site. It's up and running now. I'm still waiting for the domain name to take over, but it's functional. Finally!! :)

In other news, I'm not posting about my trip to Cleveland and Camden, NJ here. All that stuff is on my site.

My best friend Jacqui is coming up to see me this weekend. I cannot wait. I am more excited than I can actually express in words. And the company is bringing company. This should be fun! :)


6.26.01 Evening, on the way home

Random Thoughts
On the way home again
I don't know why I call it home really
I'm never there
But it is where I keep my shoes and clothes

Another class is complete
Even longer for me to calm myself down
I'm starting to loose patience with the students
What's worse than that is that it's starting to show
I need to find something else to occupy my time!

I shared a pear with some random guy in the elevator today.
I don't know him.
But he was from a floor above 4.
He said that he would wait for me tomorrow
To share another pear,
But he'll be waiting by himself
I haven't anymore

The train moves on after another stop
I'm closer to being home
No going out for me tonight
I need to spend some time at alone

So many people on the train today
More newspaper readers
John's singing to me
And I'm not scatterbrained enough to make eye contact
I'm hyper but only because I'm exhausted
Dave's strumming his bass in the back of my head.
There's so much to do, so much to respond to

Another tunnel and I'm squinting my eyes
In the sunlight of the setting sun
I wish I was going to see someone
I don't know who
I want to be in a wonderland
Or to be his wonderland
Take your pick
The sun is warm through the window.
Why did I wear this jacket again?

Life is strange
It's always changing
Swirling, spinning, tumbling in time
I've given up on catching up
I just want to live in the moment
I'm trying not to take anything for granted
I don't want to
I don't have the time to
I want to enjoy everything
I want to live like I did this weekend.

The driver just told me that I have to take all of my belongings
The train has hit the end of it's line
Thanks for the ride
Until next time
Wake up and Smile