I am supposed to be leaving now to go and meet some friends of mine for lunch, but i thought I would just write down a couple of things.

1. yesterday I turned a 1 month notice at my job. I didn't want to leave my manager in a lurch trying to find someone to teach my classes so I told him that I would train whoever they wanted to, and I agreed with, in the classes I teach. All of them. Well just the graphics and web classes.

2. It's amazing how much pressure comes off of you when you make a decision in your head and then make it vocal to those around you - and they support you!

3. A friend is the most important thing anyone can have. And I'm so thankful for jacqui!

4. B has got to be one of the funniest chicks I have ever met! She called me yesterday to tell me that she thought my car's green color should officially be called "glow worm green." And that was the ONLY reason for her phone call. Funny person, that girl. I cannot wait til she, Tom and I are all driving up to Hartford for the DMB show!

5. Speaking of DMB, I had a student Wednesday in one of my classes who follows DMB also. Turns out that he also knows about a lot of my friends from Nancies and other e-groups/mailing lists. Strange how small the world is!! Especially when he freaks out knowing that Matias is my best friend. Guy almost chocked on his turkey sandwich! :)

6. I'm officially late, but now you have a clue as to what's going on!!

this is the 3rd Saturday that I am spending at home. It's my budget keeping me here this weekend...

log off and go outside! It's a sunny 82 here in the DC Metro area.

Wanna break out the crocodile mile? :)


why is it that when i need to find a script that'll go in and actually do what i want it to do, i cannot find it??
and then again, I haven't the mental capacity right now to sit still and write it out.
and who loves webmonkey again??? me? i'm going back to javascript.com

sure, call me a web geek. i'm okay with that...
a friend of mine went putt-putting tonight in Cleveland. which brings back memories of the last time I played putt-putt...

I was still living in Charlotte last summer and went to play with jacqui and some friends of ours. As usual I got frustrated. I could never get the hang of *gently* tapping the ball towards the hole. It either went too far or not far enough. And what's up with that par nonsense! Wha!!

So, as usual, I had to do something to make my $7.50 worthwhile. I ended up just taking my ball and going to the top of the putt putt area and just wacking the ball to see how far i could get it...

Now here's some background info on the course we used to play at. It wasn't so much a putt-putt only type of joint. It was more like a fun-house type of place...with go-carts, bumper boats, arcade games and really cheap pizza. The type of place that had that musty smell in the "house" due to all the hot sweaty people playing the archade games a bit too aggresively. I loved going when I was younger. Hot summer nights with my friends. The dramas of teenage love, er, lust. The overpriced cokes with way too much ice. It was the only thing to do in Charlotte on a limited parent funded budget.

Now the putt-putt course itself had these funky little houses and shops that were almost like a little town. I was always intrigued by them and would look in the windows halfway hoping that I would find little people living inside. That never happened though.

But anyway, the last time that I went to play, I got annoyed and decided to just whack the ball. Most of the time, I can throw the ball further than I can hit it. But I lined up my stance, kept my eye on the ball, swung back my club and let everything go. I felt like Tiger Woods, until I missed. So I realigned myself, did a few trial swings and then followed through. My blue ball went flying into the air, sailing over the heads of the other putt-putt contestants and then arching back towards the earth...only to smack into the side of one those little house. **SWACK!**

I probably scared the little imaginary people living inside it.

People turned to look at the house and in the direction of the putt-putt course in general, but they couldn't pinpoint the culprate. It was dark and besides, I was now laying on the ground trying to go undetected. My friends were laughing at me, giving away my incognito presense. I was laughing too, but just because I finally hit a golf ball over 3 feet from its original starting point!

But the game still eludes me though. Some underpaid attendant giving me a ball and club and saying "go play"...

yeah I'll go play, but I'd recommend that you'd duck...