last night I went to Zig's in Alexandria to Regan's show. It was a great show! She's such a great singer!

So I walk in the door (this is my first time in the establishment), catch Regan's eye and throw a hello across the room. Have a look around and then turn around to this man standing there smiling.

"Here for dinner?" he asks.

I take a step back and answer yes.

"Can we a get a table close to the stage?" I wonder.

He nods his head yes then verbally confirms my question again and leads Jon and I to the table directly infront of stage. Now directly infront of the stage means that I am roughly three feet away from the tip of Regan's black Doc Martins. Center stage, and no one else around us. I just smiled and sat down.

I was hungry and the started to look over the menu. Ordered my first Cider Jack of the evening and continued to look over the list of food. Felt someone watching me and looked up towards the stage. There stood Andrew Winn, hair long and shaggy, tanned and looking relaxed tuning his guitar. I wasn't expecting to see him there, but I smiled and laughed and said hello to him. He gave me that half grin of his and threw his head back to return the hello. Small world.

Waitress comes and we give her our orders, which for me, as usual, comes back a bit wrong. It's MEDIUM rare...as in a bit red in the center. Not all the way cooked through. *sigh* I think I'm going to just start making my own burgers and bringing them with me to restaurants. Either that or just go and take over the kitchen and start cooking my own. But that poises me to be in the situation of seeing all the unmentionable things that go on in restaurant kitchen that would make me not want to eat there anymore...

But I digress...

So half way during the set, I see this girl out of the corner of my eye through the back of the restaurant. It was Crystal from Baltimore. Haven't seen this girl since the AGR show for New Year's Eve! I was actually very surprised that she was even there! I was surprised to see anyone there that I knew!

I finished my sandwich and then went over to say hello. She remembered me, I remembered her and we were soon catching up on the past 7 months of happenings from both sides of the table. I'm always amused by the people that are brought into my life by the way of good music. :)

After the show, Regan came and said hello and sat down with us for a little bit.

She gave us this confused look and said, "You two know each other?"

We both nod our heads and laugh. "We go way back," I answer.

She smiled and shook her head.

She wondered about Andrew and went to find him. Came back about 5 minutes later and said that Andrew was waiting for her by the car. Turns out he landed either really
late Wednesday night or Thursday morning from his 2 week trip to Spain. Can't blame the guy for being tired. But I must say, it's been a while since I've been to an AGR show (as in long, I mean February). I was again blown away by the sheer talant that Andrew possesses in his hands. He's an amazing guitarist. I was swept back to 1998 when I first saw him play the guitar and the awe that I felt then flowed back over me again last night. If you haven't seen this guy play, I highly recommend that you log onto agents of good roots.com and see when their next show is coming to a neighborhood near you. Then go!

All in all, it was a great night. I love the idea of catching a show and still being home by 10:30 on a "work" night. It's been too long since I have been to a show. Withdraw is not a good thing for me. :)

Tonight is Carbon Leaf live at Whitlow's. See ya there! I'll be one with the crazy curly hair and the big bowl of Portabello Ravioli singing along to the songs.

Here's Regan's setlist from the show:
(7.19.01 Zig's in Alexandria, VA w/ Andrew Winn)
Would U?
Stay Home
Story Ends
Come Dance
Water Me
Carry On
Blue Skies
Can't Find My Way
A Fuss


I am officially amazed.

this is what I said I wanted

and now, he's gone and done it...