well it's official...
i won't be going to the gorge this year.

the tickets are spoken for and already sold so now i can focus on things going on here in the east coast.
it would've been nice to see everyone again, but i have to take care of my priorities before i can go play...

but tonight i'll go have a little fun. howie is opening for edwin mccain at the 9:30 club. me thinks i'll go hang out with jamie and crystal tonight. i haven't seen howie since the show in cleveland with john mayer and i missed the last one here in dc (which was in the end a very good thing i think).

and isn't it funny how opportunities and information fall into your lap?
life is so strange and quarky at times, but god i love it! it's never dull and boring! :)


the rain hits the windows as i fly by
the train is full of friday afternoon chatter
as the music plays in my head
afternoon thunderstorms and i'm caught
without a umbrella of my own
two more stops and i'm out in the rain
dodging the falling drops
but catching more than i think
another week comes to a close
friendships have been gained and cemented
others hang by a tattered string
soaking up the wetness of the falling rain
questioned, argued, cried upon
but i'll survive and wonder
contemplate and think of other outcomes
and endless possibilities
on another friday afternoon train



"the ball is in your court" is not literal. it's a figure of speech that denotes me sending a thought your way and seeing if you would reply.

that's all.

there is nothing to play and never was...not that i ever chose to either

this is the only way that i communicate with you.
we do not see each other, let alone talk even if we are in the same room or vicinity.

but we are connected by one person...
i just want to clear the air and lay everything out on the table and come to some sort of a conclusion and/or understanding

but if not, that's okay.

as i stated before, i've made my peace



if you are reading this (and you know who you are) then i am apologizing to you
things are strange enough right now not to add any more fuel to this over rated bonfire
since you are such a good judge in character (and personalities) then i am happy for you
although i am not sure that you can judge someone only after hanging out with them a few times
but the choice was yours and it has been made
although i wish that it could have been a bit different

and in regards to this blog, you are reading it for a reason
you of all people know what a blog is for
these are my thoughts
these are my views on how life is going
this is me figuring things out
these are my words...

just as the words in your blog are yours

but this is all that i ask of you
make sure that you love him and make him happy
he deserves everything that the world can offer him
and then some

i've made my peace
the ball is in your court