is life funner being a red head?
is funner a word?
well the last time i was red i had fun...
but then again i always have fun.

went to the carbon leaf show friday. they announced that they are doing a NYE show in DC.
sweet...so the NYE plans are made...for now...

i'm jumping the gun, but it's one less thing i have to worry about. you know when you have those small non-important things rolling around in the back of your head...waiting to be figured out? spinning, toppling over each other, tumbling into you only concious stream of thought when you have nothing better to think about? it's sorta like those "what am i going to where next friday?" thoughts.

you probably won't remember what you decided on when next friday actually comes, but still, atleast for one fleeting moment you did come to a concious decision...


carbon leaf
nye 2002
whitlow's on wilson.

need to check that off my to-do-list

what's next?
hold on a second and another mindless thought will come into my head.

until then...
today i went grocery shopping with roommateJon. this is eventful first off cause i haven't gone shopping in oh, um, 2+ months. i've been just a wee bit busy.

but it's strange going shopping with another person. actually one that i live with. i don't know why. i don't have much of a point or direction when i go to the store. i wander around until something catches my eye - or my stomach - and i buy it, or a couple of boxes of it and then move on. nope tonight, i would turn around and roommateBoy was right there behind me. i forget sometimes that he's there. but that's cause my head is going in too many directions to focus on one thing. that's so wrong of me, but it's also very entertaining.

so now, i've got lots of red barron deep dish pizzas (as in 5 boxes of them), some more pasta (which i don't care for, but it's cheap and filling) and lots of small white potatoes. i was craving some of matias' hashbrowns, so i made my own...complete with green peppers, ones, salt, pepper and smothered in cheese and scrambled eggs. yum.

i'm redoing my site. this time designing the entire thing in flash. maybe i'll stay up and do that tonight, but i have to go into theJob tomorrow and drop off paper work.

here's the good news.
i teach only 3 to 4 days a week.
never on mondays and fridays unless absolutely necessary (which means close to never as long as workdudeSammy is over my schedule)
and i'm getting a pay raise (since i'm "quasi-contract")

i love how things are always falling into my lap

oh yeah, and i'm suffering from a severe case of johnmayer/howieday withdraw!!


it's been a while since i've posted, not to mention a while since i've been at home. I'm not at the gorge, but i've still been living out of a back pack.

here's a recap of the past week.

last friday drove down to Richmond for the Friday Cheers series to see Carbon Leaf play. great show. Carlos guested. I'm still in awe of this band. met new people and hung out with old friends. it's always great to be around cool.

saturday left richmond and touched down in fredericksburg to see some friends. ended up staying until wednesday night. drank enough capri suns to be the official spokesperson for the company and watched way too many movies on Direct TV. just makes me more sure of why i don't actually own a tv. i did absolutely nothing but stay up all night and sleep all day. lack of sunshine and frustrations over never having the remote forced me out into the sunshine on wednesday to finally leave the house and to go get some icecream with a 6 year old named alexis. chocolate malt shakes are now my favorite drink!

wednesday, finally got home around 11:00 at night. logged on and checked emails and other stuff. got into bed at 1 in the morning and was back up early on thursday. which by now is 1 in the afternoon.

thursday i picked up my backpack that i hadn't unpacked, threw a few extra shirts in with the jumbled mix of clothes already stuffed into the bag and headed down to c'ville at around 7:45 that night. got to the wild wing cafe to see a band called majahkamo play. awesome band. i'll put up a review of their show soon. not to mention that i'm designing their site! keep your eyes and especially your ears out for these guys. and no the rumor that they are opening for dmb at the wetlands on wednesday isn't true...they are opening for some other band that for right now has slipped my mind...like so many other things.

friday stopped back in fredericksburg and then headed home on saturday afternoon. took a long lazy drive up route 1 and walked into my house, only to walk back out again an hour or so later to go to the majahkamo show at Amer. University in DC and then to Whitlow's for the Carbon Leaf show. long night of good music, awesome company and good times.

and now it's sunday and i've only been up for 3 hours. all of which have been some serious quality time spent with george (my computer).

i've lost track of the days of the week and sleeping with my blinds closed makes me loose track of the time. the sun is going down and i'm just now getting up.

i love being on vacation!

oh and pig was played last night at the gorge...*sigh* it's okay though, life has taken a turn for the better and the possibilites of things going the way that i want them to are turning into distinct realities. life is good...when you allow it to do what it's supposed to and smile when it does.