i'm finally home...

my weekend started around 3:30 on thursday. i drove down to fredricksburg, va to meet a friend of mine, taperTJ, and then i jumped in his car and we headed down to charlottesville, va to see carbon leaf. was a good show. i sold merch, so that was fun. and i like how barry pays you - with merch. now i've got a spiffy new t-shhirt to wear around town.

um, friday. after getting home from c'ville around 1:30 or so in the morning, i decided to write my country monkee report for the show and that lasted a bit longer than i intended it to. oh well. who needs sleep? I can go to bed when the sun comes up and get up 4 hours later and drive up to NYC for another CL show. taperTJ and I piled into my car and I drove the first leg. Quick stop at some mysterious Krisky Kreme/Burger King/Gas Station/ Food Mart place and filled up on BK hashbrowns and fresh glazed KK doughnuts. YUM!! :)

back into the car and more zooming to do. we arrived in the city in less than 4 hours. if you have ever driven up to NYC from DC, then you knowz that we wuz a speedin'! we stopped by some college in hempstead, ny for a soccer game that afternoon and drove into manhattan for the show at the mercury lounge. heidE finally returned my phone call during the game and she decided to come into the city to come play with me. ironically enough, she had been complaining to lenelle that she wanted to see a crackhead or two....and yours truly show up! :) she met another friend of mine, NJdanny, and the 3 of us hung out, drank nasty drinks (okay, i did) and danced around the room (okay, NJdanny and i did...heidE stood back and laughed at people...hehehehe...but she did dance though!) it was a great show. i was extremely tired from my lack of 14 hours of sleep that i have been accumilating over the past 2 weeks of my vacation. Sleep deprivation and i don't get along. i usually start doing strange things...like sitting still and being quiet. i drove the first leg back to dc and then we stopped somewhere in NJ for gas and to bypass lots-o-traffic. i slept until taperTJ woke me up about an hour north of dc. got home at about 2:30 in the morning and i was up until 5 doing the CM report and reply to emails. twas a fun night.

saturday...um, yeah, i don't remember anything of saturday! i know that i watched Chocolat, which is a good movie!, but that's about it.

sunday. got up at 10:45, sat down to work on a website with taperTJ and roommateJon and then took a nap around 1 to almost 4. got up, showered and got dressed and heading to Claredon Ballroom for the 13th Annual Callach Benefit for Cancer. It was a great time! And guess who the band was that performed...yep, CL! :) call me addicted, but i love going to their shows! i have yet to go to a bad show!! saw a band from boston called the Push Stars. they were okay, but nothing to write home about, or in here. I was too tired to actually pay much attention. never were 3 inch platform sandles to a show. you will work every leg in your body jumping around...which i guess, in the end, is actually a good thing right?

well speaking of which, i hurt and i'm tired and i want to go to sleep. i gotta get out of the habit of going to bed at 4 and waking up 5 in the evening. gotta go to work on tuesday...and so the comes the slow death of my 2.5 week vacation...*sigh*


call you mom and tell her hello...trust me, it will refresh your soul :)

oh yeah, one more thing. i started my own web design company. yeah, like this world needs another one of those...but actually mine is with a twist and a distinct market. damn. i'm 23 and i am started my own company! wait, does that mean that i'm the President of something!

sweet hey-suess above, this is getting better and better!!! :)

the cm report can wait til i getup....