it's now been over a month since the last time that i wrote anything in here, so i hope that everyone is fine and okay and loving life.

Let me see. Okay, I'll just jump back a month and catch you up on what's been happening.

I went down to Atlanta for a contract job. First stop, Charlotte, NC to see my brother and T and to head out to see Carbon Leaf's second ever show at the Visulite Theater. It was a great show and the first time that my brother and T have ever seen the guys play. They all came up and said hello and it wasn't until later on in GA that they realized it was my brother. Oh yeah, and I got one of the last 2 Luau shirts. :)

Speaking of GA. Next stop. Monday morning, I got up and left Charlotte by 6:30 in the morning to be right outside of Atlanta by 11:00 a.m. Lawrenceville, GA is just this little town that is so typical of southern towns. Nice hotel, nice job, nice time to be alone and really let go of a lot of things that had been pent up and just relax.

Wednesday after my job was over, I headed down to Atlanta. Drove through the city and remembered why I didn't like it. Called Bram from Soup and met up with him and his wife Anne later on at their house. Anne and I left for Mexican and the guys to their practicing. It's so nice to hear me some Soup again! I love those guys! :)

Thursday night was CL's show at Smith's Old Bar. It was also the night that George W. addressed the nation about the terrorist attacks. No one was at the show but a handful of people and JP. JP knew who I was, but I wasn't too sure of who he was aside from a post to the message boards. Hung out with the guys after the show and had a great time. Then packed up and went to JP's for the night. I headed up to Athens.

Early, early Friday morning get into Athens. Drove around looking for a hotel room. I was sleepy by then and just wanted to take a nap. Stopped by the Traveler's Lodge and after calling around for a cheaper rate, I just decided to stay there for the $50 it was gonna cost me for the 4.5 hours that were left before check-out. I was about to pay for the room when the night manager guy said, "Here, just go take the room. Don't mess it up and make sure you have the key back to me before 7." Sweet!!! Got a nap and then went and spent my $50 bucks on another hotel room and slept until the late afternoon. Terry called and "woke" me out of my VH1-MTV-pj stupor and I finally got dressed and went to hang out with the guys.

Georgia Theater is a really nice theater. And the store around the corner is even nicer. If you are ever in Athens, check out Kum's Fashions. That place has everything! I bought a cowboy hat for like $40. Sad I know, but it was cute. After watching J-Lo and Madonna videos all day your mind would be warped too! :)

Taped the show that night. Came out great. The crowd really got into the band and the music and we all jumped around and danced. It was so much fun. I met Tonia who lives in Athens and we hung out with JP and his roommate, Rob (?). Nice night all in all. The guys piled into the CL van after their gig and headed back home to Richmond for their gig in a few hours and I headed back inside with JP to hear me some Bluestring (www.bluestring.com). Great show by them too! It was their cd release show so I picked up a cd.

Finally left Athens and headed back up to Charlotte. Hung out with my brother for a little bit longer. Went to have dinner with my parents and see my sisters. Then it was a good nights rest, crashed on Sunday all day long and then another good nights rest before driving back home on Monday.

That's the 10 day trip down south. After I get back, I realize how unhappy my job is making me. I seriously start looking for something else. Get sick from the entire GA trip and stay home a day and all hell breaks loose at work. I don't wanna be there and they are starting to act funny towards me. I start looking for another job, but the beat me to the punch. On the 5th, they lay me off due to economic reasons. I think that there is more to the story, but I'm not gonna worry about it. It's over and done with and now I'm on to other things and I'm happy. It's so nice not having to worry about classes. It was so stressful teaching 5 days a week and then 3 with a crazy manager who insisted on calling me Princess because I spoke my mind and stood up for myself. I get to see him in the morning for the first time in a long time. This should be fun. :)

And now, here's where the story gets a bit strange. I answer an ad to be an assistant to someone. Who? A private investigator. Oh yeah. Just call me "janessa pi"!! :) This is gonna be fun I think. I love snooping anyway and now I get paid to do it and after I get my license in DC, I'll do it professionally. How in the world do I fall into these things? It's so funny how I have officially done everything there is to do under the sun, except for working in a grocery store, fast food or stripping. :) hehehehe...I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Here are the highlights:
I get to wear jeans
Full Benefits
My own office
I have my own gadgets now :)
Did I mention I get to wear jeans
Stake outs and such
Getting paid to get the dirt on people
Sleeping in...nothing happens until late morning/ early afternoon I'm thinking
Being able to wear jeans...or did i mention that already?
and the best thing of all...

I'm not working where I was any more!!!

and if you read this far, you deserve a pat on the back and a brownie...

I'm gonna create the "PI Chronicles" now...just to keep you guys up to date with what's going on in that part of my life. I'll change names and places and stuff, but the best fiction is real life right?