hello new year!

life never seems to be without surprises, and the latest edition has been a very good one.

i'll take a step back and bring you guys up to date.
1.1.02 New Year's CL style...need I say more?
1.7.02 Carbon Leaf won the first ever New Music Award. (I cried and squealed and cried some more)
1.9.02 Carbon Leaf played live on the AMA's performing The Boxer (I squealed so high the neighborhood dogs could hear me)
1.27.02 CountryMonkee.org was released by TJ and myself...and as of today it's had over 5100 hits!
2.13.02 Carbon Leaf went on tour to support Great Big Seas U.S. tour for their latest release "Sea of No Cares"

And I haven't been home since!

This past weekend I was in NYC to help Jeff sell merch for the guys. Jaye somehow talked me into extending my little weekend to include the next night's show in Boston, Mass. Interestingly enough, I ended up taking the loooong-ass-round-about-see-all-of-New-England-at-4-in-mornin' way. I didn't make it to Boston that night. Nope, I stopped, had a conversation with the graveyard shift lady at some Super 8 and then opted to sleep in my car instead of shelling out the $70 + tax she was requesting for the room. Hmmm...and I'd be out of it in less than 5 hours? I think not.

Moving on.

So I made it up to Boston. LeNelle let me crash at her house. (I called her from NYC at like 1 in the morning to see if it was okay. After her initial shock of hearing from me, she agreed! God Bless Ya' Child!) I called her at 4:30 to say that I was stopping for the night. I still had no idea that I was going the loooong-ass-yaddy-yaddy way. I eventually rolled into Boston at 10:45 or so that morning. I was happy to see civilization again. Rhode Island and Conneticut aren't the most inhabititated states I'm guessing...or atleast not the parts that I got to barely see in my journey...then again, it was foggy.

But jumping ahead. A quick recovery nap at L's and then we were off. First stop was the Avalon to see everybody and then off to dinner. Jaye scolded me for sleeping in my car, but what else am I to do? Oh well...Then off to the show. Next stop was to drop L off at her job, leaving me to navigate my way back to the venue. I'm proud to say that I got back with ZERO U-turns! I know that might surprise some of you, but still...I was successful. I walked in the back door and made my way to the merch table. Jeff had everything pretty much set up and I finished up. The doors were about to be opened and we were still fiddling around. We sold merch from beginning to end. GBS swag pretty much sold out - or atleast what we had with us. CL's swag did really well too I'm proud to report. All in all it was a great show. I didn't get to see much and when I did, I could only make my way to the soundboard area and peek around people from there. The place was packed...reminded me of the Norva.

Since I declined Jaye's offer to head out on the town in NYC, I opted to bring it up while in Boston. Both of us were staying in town for the night so why not. Well after packing up - the Avalon turns into this, well, "club" after hours...go figure - I made my way back into the venue following Jeff and some guy with a radio and to the dressing room. Jeff went off with their tour manager and I went into the dressing room. I got to meet the band and Guiness was poured so I drank. Then we evacuted suddenly and migrated to the hotel. Sure I was along for the ride, why not!

As we rounded the corner, I pointed my car out to Jaye and he asked me why I had my doors unlocked. Hmmm...funny. I remember locking them both...but then again, I did have a funny feeling about my car when I left it. Sure enough, the small back window was smashed out, glass strewn across the back seat and I couldn't help but to chalk this up to my "Anarchy Travel Adventures" segment. Jaye didn't quite understand the humor, but then again, most people don't. It's better to laugh than to cry right?

The night proceeded from there. GBS are some of the nicest guys I've met. Extremely down to earth and they really prove the fact that we all pee the same. Great time I tell ya.

And so, in a nut shell that's my weekend. Well the short version, but still....it's a version right? I'm home and tired and waiting on my clothes to dry. Tomorrow I leave for Pittsburgh with my friend Melissa and her roommate Jenn. Another GBS show to add to the collection. I'm all kinds of excited. I have yet to actually "go" to a show for this tour! I've been selling or in the case of the 9:30 gig, sick, so yeah, I'm really looking forward to this...and the best part? Another road trip...and even better still...someone elses car!! :)

In other news, Bluestring will be here Friday morning/afternoon/night...I'm not sure. They have a gig at Fletcher's and then we are hanging out. It's been about a month since the last time they traveled up this way (last show was a sold out IOTA) so I'm excited to see the boys again.

So anyone been to Nova Scotia? Me thinks I'll have to pay it a visit...and jump over to Newfoundland.

hehehe...I'm oooot