salt over my shoulder
so i was right. someone was looking over my shoulder - and in this case, there wasn't that much of a decision that i had to make. either yes or no. i choose yes and this will start rolling on monday.

oh yeah and my dream of working with bands just took a HUGE step in the right direction. but i'll have more details on that one later.
glue defined as magic
Just one more reason why I love music.

I'm flipping through channels on the boob tube, looking for something amusing and interesting to calm me after the weekend I just had, and I come across Dashboard Confessional's UnPlugged MTV2 "special". Now I don't know anything about these guys, besides the song about "your hair is everywhere", Screaming Infidelities I think, but there is a studio full of fans who obviously know about these guys. During the first two songs, you couldn't even hear the lead singer due to the crowds singing louder than him. Basically he would just back away from the mic and play the guitar to their singing. Chill bumps.

And why does this make me love music even more? Well if you had a group of people in a room, only a handful of small groups knowing each other, but the majority of them being nameless faces sitting on risers in a semi-circle and yet they are all connected by this band's music. Yeah, that would make just about anything better to me. The connection they all hold for this band. Singing out, not caring whether they were on key or not. It doesn't really matter at that point. It's the anonymity of getting lost in a crowd of fellow singers and fans, not caring nor knowing when the camera is upon you and showing your every move for a few seconds. Should it matter? No, you are into the moment, living and breathing, raising your voice with all those people you don't know but will forever be connect to.

That's what music does for us all. It connects us. You know what I'm talking about. What's one of the best things that bonds your friends and lovers? What's one of the things that will conjur up memories and good times like no other? What puts that final touch upon that acheivement or low point in your life? What helps you relate to others the way you do? Music. It's the answer to almost any problem that this world can throw at you. Why? Because it will without fail let you know that someone else out there is going through or feeling what you are. It's better than a Hallmark card. It's lyrics and music that touch you in the way that nothing else can. The soaring riffs, the rising and falling of the lyrics as it weaves its voice between the instruments. It's pure emotion. Plain and simple. It's nothing more than strings and wood, pounding on stretch materials and hitting ivory keys attached to more strings. Yet when you put it all together it becomes that can either sooth your soul or make you want to jump into action.

I am never sort of being amazed when I am at a show. Never. Regardless of the band or the music, I'm a person in that semi-circle. Connected to people that I'll never meet, yet they share some of the best memories in my life. Take for instance DMB, Charlotte 1999. I met people at that show that will still pop into my head and make me smile. And yet, closer to the end of the show, I stopped. I stopped singing. I stopped dancing and I just looked around. There outlined and glowing against the spotlights directed at the stage was this throng of people. Growing and expanding out into the darkness outside of the amphitheater shelter. I couldn't see them, but I could hear them singing. Take the Gorge, 2000. The desert sunset. The warm breeze. The moon dressed in shades of yellow and golden orange that I have never seen before nor after. The stage. The dragonflies that buzzed above the band and crowd. Everything about that moment was magical. I can think back and hear the cheers and singing. I can think back and still feel how I felt in that moment. I remember my friends and looking at them scattered about in the rows around me, singing and grooving. It is beyond being cherished for me. It is something that I will never forget. Just a small segment in time, but it didn't matter. For those minutes it was the music that was the glue between us all.