afternoon break

slipping away from my desk
i went to the elevators and rode down to the first floor
picking up a mountain dew on my way out
i revolved out the door and stepped into the sunshine
a warm breeze brushed against my skin
and i inhaled the mild DC afternoon

the bright blue sky a strong contrasted against the cream buildings
dotted with pure white clouds
and the beauty filled my eyes

my heart jumped and i remembered the last time i saw such an afternoon sky
almost a year ago
i stood on my balcony and watched the smoke
drifting across the sky like a dirty fingerprint smudged on clean paint
the contrast was just as strong then as it was today
just like the terror that was once held under such a peaceful sky

a plane flew through my line of sight
and a chill ran through my soul

even the simplest things have changed.


This is the true story of seven strangers....
well maybe more than that. so i'm squidin' this weekend at home, just me and the dog. Nothing much to do, but when in doubt watch MindlessTV RealWorld Marathons...lots of drama and silly people being filmed doing everything under the sun. in the course of the world-a-thons, i noticed a few things:

1. over the years the cameras have covered (or uncovered) much more. they didn't used to show people peeing...now they do. sex? now we get all of the details...not just what the fuzzy night vision cameras picked up...

2. where do they find these people! as much as i would love to experience doing something like that, it's strange to know that people like that are out there. now i'm sure that i know and have met my fair share of crazy people (and thankful that i have met them) but man! some of those people should be medicated....but then again that's why they got on the show right?

3. there is always atleast one black or mixed person, but if there are multiples there is that typical sterotyped filled...there need to be more malik's and theo's on the show

4. there is always atleast one asian person...and 9 times out of 10 it's a female. where are the men??

5. one word: swifer! man do those guys ever clean???

6.every house seems to have fish that die half way through the stay...why not add in Lola from the Osbournes? now that would be interesting! :)

7. is the drama real or do they create storylines...some of that stuff is just crazy!!

8. do friends fly out and visit just to get on tv???

9. why is there always one female who is trying to make it as a singer?

10. although an actual bed compared to an RV might seem more comfortable, why do the Road Rulers always seem to have more fun? (well except for this year?)

that's all today kids!
turn off the tv and go outside and play.
just remember to check the heat index first!

i hate cable :)