||:: could it possibly be? ::||

I know that a blog is a good thing to have, but it's one of those things that if you don't update everyday or on a regular basis then you completely forget about it. Or maybe it's just me and my total lack for any sort of schedule and rituals. Take my gym membership for instance. I have one. I've only been to the gym once.

To get the membership.

Oh well, atleast my company covers the cost for it...at the end of the year. Not too much money lost. And the worst thing is that I have my gym stuff here, in one of the bottom drawers...but I've only opened that drawer once.

To put the stuff in there in the first place.

Anyone else seeing a pattern forming?

As for updating this thing, I might start doing that more often, but it's just easier to write on the trains heading home after work. Although I did start reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Hmmm...again I haven't really gotten into it but then again, this past week has been a bit of a strange week. One of my good friends got his papers and he's being deployed tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. It's hard to watch his girlfriend, Jessica. She took the week off from work to be with him and last night at his going away party, she was fighting back the tears, and did a fantastic job, but it was so hard to watch her. Jack'm is a great guy. Funny and laughing and hanging out with his friends. She's stealing small moments with him whenever she could and to just watch it was more than I could take. He's been training and preparing for this moment for the past few years. She's just been thrown into the mix. No matter how much you prepare yourself, there's no way to really be okay. My turn is coming up quickly. I have a feeling that Bob will get his orders this weekend when he is at drill. If last night was any indication, I'm going to be a complete wreck when I find out that he's leaving...and he's just a very, very good friend of mine. Thankfully Matt will be there for me.

Ahh so much to post and yet, no desire. I'm heading home. Dinner with the boy and then whatever else will present itself to me.

Oh yeah before I go, just a few things:
1. Jason Mraz. If you haven't checked him out...do so. You'll hear about him soon enough. And if you were eating at the Rock Bottom in the Ballston Mall last night, then you definitely heard his single, The Remedy being played. I had to do a double take, stop and sing along...while standing on the sidewalk. :)

2. people getting married? elem? married? wow. some things are so right that you can't help but to smile when you hear them.

3. Pete Schmidt. Well if you are gonna check out Jason, you might as well check out Pete as well. Some of the best music I've heard recently. Yeah gotta go see these two guys live...

4. Gorge Dates. yep they are announced. I did a bit of planning - imagine that - and I have my free plane ticket waiting for me to cash in. Now all i gotta do is get a confirmation from the Warehouse telling me that I'm going to the show. Ahhh..Dave. The desert. My good friend Laura. The moon and then unending stars. Now that's how a concert should be!! :)

5. Hershey's miniature chocolate. What where they thinking? These things are crack. You can't just eat one. or two. or even three. You have to keep going. Sheesh. Never leave candy out on your desk. Especially when you work with a Bobbo and an Alex. Not a good combo. My desk has seen more action in the past week than the hookies in Time Square.

okay. i'm going home now.
hope you are well.